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ZEapp is an easy time recording application, that enables you to save your worked hours.

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  • daily, weekly and monthly view
  • calculation of overtime
  • manual bookings
  • stamp widget
  • Tasker Plugin – stamp automatically with Tasker App
  • adjustable target hours and breaks
  • create reports (CSV, HTML)
  • import and export of database
  • Language selection: English / german
Premium Features:
  • notification, while stamped in
  • display week or month overtime
  • should time reached alarm
  • maximum work time reached alarm
  • calculate remaining leave days
  • automatic backup

ZEapp – Timesheet needs the permission to write on storage to save the database and to create reports. If you deny the permission, both will not work.



Main functions

Hauptdisplay1. open main drawer, choose between daily, weekly and monthly view and access the settings

2. choose the display date

3. access to all functions related to the current view like whole day events and stamp specific times

4. change the in-time

5. change the out-time

6. change the break duration

7. add or change a daily note

8. navigation through days, weeks and month and stamp in and out


Under this menu point, you could create several reports about your working hours.

screenshot_20160916-155755In the first step, you could choose the period for your report. Further you could choose the view variant and the format of the output file. In the last step, you could choose to share the file (i.e. as Email) or to directly open it.


With the ZEapp Widget you can easily stamp in and out directly from your Homescreen. The Widget shows the „in“-time and the calculated should time.


Working hours

Initial value (time credit)

amount of overtime at the beginning of using this application; to correctly calculate you total overtime, please fill the first week from the beginning

Count missing days

choose, whether you want to count missing day (i.e. forgotten to stamp) or not, will only be used for past days

First day of week

beginning of the week, this choice is affecting the weekly view and the calculation of week work duration

How to enter work hours

dependent on this setting you can choose working hours per week or per day

Hours per week

number of hours you have to work per week

Working days

you can specify the days when you have to work, this results in your daily work duration (hours per week / working days)

Monday – Sunday

daily working hours in decimal values


Break stamped?

not stamped time is calculated as a break

Duration of first break

first break in hours (0.5 hours are 30 minutes)

Duration of second break

second break in hours (0.25 hours are 15 minutes)

First break after x hours

first break starts after x hours

Second break after x hours

the second break starts after x hours (the first break is not calculated, means, the second break starts after x hours plus the duration of the first break)

Leave days

Number of leave days per year

Enter the number of available leave days in one year

Calculate remaining leave days

If you enter less leave days per year as stated, they are shown as additional leave days in the next year.

Leave days in first year

To calculate the remaining leave days correctly you need to enter the amout of leave days in the first year of using the app

Leave day correction

If you need to adjust the amount of leave days in one year, you can add or remove days here

Edit adjustments

Adjustment can be shown or deleted here


Number format

choose, whether to display the calculated times in decimal or in time format (i.e. 0.5 hours are 0 hours, 30 minutes)

Show total overtime

choose, whether to display the total overtime in title bar or not, this has a direct influence to the starting time of the app

Show notes

choose, whether to display the notes in weekly and monthly view or not

Display special days

choose, which special days you want to display in the left drawer menu)

Change language

You can select the language of the app. Standard is the language of your phone, or English, if your language is not supported


Export database

Possibility to export the database, i.e. to gmail, drive (depends on your installed apps)

Import database

Choose the .db file from filesystem

Reset database

You can reset your database if necesarry

Automatic Backup

The automatic backup is written each time you stamp out. The last 10 versions will be saved. You can find it under /sdcard/ZEapp/AutoBackup

2 Gedanken zu „ZEapp“

  1. Hi there,
    I have been using this application is for some time now. The only thing that doesn’t work is to pass the extra hours to the next month.
    Would it be possible to do that or change?

    1. Normally the app calculates ongoing, means all extra hours should be available in the next month. Maybe some settings are not correct. If you like, contact me via contact form and we can find the best settings for your case.

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