Data Privacy usage calculator

Data privacy and terms of use

App-Provider and developer: Enrico Weinhold Adalbert-Stifter-Str. 29 84424 Isen Germany


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Personal Data

With the use of the usage calculator I will never collect, use or store personal data. All entries made will be stored on the internal storage of your smartphone. I have never access to this data.

AAID – Android Advertising ID

The AAID is an unique identifier that is created when you initialize your device. It is non-persistent and can be reseted. This ID is used by the Ad provider to show personalized ads. For this purpose the ID might be shared with the provider, in this case Google AdMob.


I am not responsible and accountable for the data entered by the user and the correctness of any calculated value.


For the entire use of the usage calculator, the following permissions are necessary: Google Play billing service

Permission needed, to provide possibility to get In-App Premium Version

  • modify or delete the contents of your SD card
  • read the contents of your SD card

The permissions are needed to export the database and create reports, which are stored on the internal storage. The permission for writing to storage can be denied starting with Android Version 6, but you will not be able to export the database nor create reports.


This permission is needed to use the camera light as a torch. If you deny the permission you will not be able to use the flash light of your phone as a torch while reading the meter.