Usage Calculator

Usage calculator

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With the Usage Calculator you have all your meters in one view and you will not have any surprise with the next bill of your provider. The application suits best for all your household meters like, electrical power, water or gas.Get it on Google Play

  • Meters for different use cases (electrical power, gas, water …)
  • Reverse meter for i.e. heating oil tanks
  • Overview about the usage per month and trends
  • Different charts to visualize the usage
  • Reading reminder
  • Torch light function
  • Automatic backup
Premium per In-App-Billing:
  • unlimited number of meters (only 2 meters in free version)
  • no ads



General hints

  • Touch and hold to edit or delete entries
  • if you do not enter a reading for more than 30 days, the date of the last reading gets red, calcultated values could be inaccurate
  • the calculation is linear
  • the monthly usage is averaged by default to 30 days (usage of month divided by the number of days in month multiplied by 30), this could be disabled in the settings
  • the reading reminder will appear after the selected time and repeat after the same time if you do not open the application or remind you on the selected day for weekly or monthly notifications